A Team AK-10-003P. Blade 1 B021 , blade 2 B017, skirt 1 MY011, skirt 2 MY011. A Team's revolutionary AK-10 is changing the way anglers fish. Up to 40% less effort to accomplish the task at hand, CATCHING FISH not scheduling surgery.
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A Team's revolutionary Super High Vortex Pounder® Blades prove time and again their value in both catching fish and ease of use. Start saving up to 40% of your valuable energy resources simply by choosing A-Team’s Pounder® Blades as opposed to traditional off the shelf cupped blades. It’s a fact that the more you stress your physical the more long term damage you do to yourself. Start fishing smarter, not harder with A Team’s EASY pulling #10 Pounder® blades. Simply put, more fish with less effort means more quality fishing time.

  • Item #: ATEAM-AK-003P

A Team Tackle AK 10 003 P Series

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